Saturday, February 9, 2013

I know what you guys say or think when you read my blog..... wow she has a bad life or wow thats sad. But i have dealt with this for the longest of time and theres nothing no one can do about it. My teacher crush would never like because i'm......Me. No one is ever there to defend me so i learned to put up a tough girl act but i am about to break the act     i just wish that people would learn how to defend and not make people feel sad. have you been on one end or the other of bullying have you witnessed it if u have answer me one question.... What did you do about it?


Hi Welcome To My Blog I Am Victoria Dorow

I have problems at school because i can't stop talking to everyone. I also act very unnatural, i am hyper and everyone believes i have mental problems....which i wish because then it would make sense. Its wrong but i am in love with more people then i should be in love with. The problem with that is they're all older than me no a year no 3 to 13. I also have a crush on my old teacher..... he is so nice he makes my heart race the problem is he is 27 and i am 12 (don't say i am to young to love because i had already 24 boyfriends) it's wrong for me to love him but even on our worst days every time we see each other we smile and say hi. Another problem is that he is married, I've had daydreams about him and me. My mom is another problem she doesn't want me chatting on my fave game site That's where most of my friends are on the real ones not phoneys that pretend to be your friend and then use all of your secrets against you to make u the most out-casted person. 

Victoria Dorow